BBQ Grills Freeport

Now would be a great opportunity for you to purchase that new BBQ grill you have been wanting. The summer has ended and the deals that are going to come out will be phenomenal for this chance of yours. So, if you are in the works of searching for BBQ Grills Freeport you need to come down to The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located in Bohemia.

We carry both gas and charcoal grills, from the basic Saffire style of the round red or black BBQ grill that we all know and love to the high end style of Louisiana Grills and Summerset Professional Series. Not one of these brands are a bad choice. The consumer needs to be comfortable with their brand new grill. During these trying times we are encouraging everyone who would like to view our showroom to call us at 631-88-GRILL (631-884-4755).

The BBQ Grills Freeport that are displayed on our webpage which is are what you can have in your back yard, including the set up around it. If you are known as the Master Griller of the family and friends then you are in for a great experience with what we can show you. Just imagine yourself standing in front of your new grill that has all the accessories a Master Griller would need. Such as a smoker for those foods that taste and cook better in one, counter space for all of your ingredients, and hooks for your cooking tools. We also have a stove top attachment that can easily be hooked up to the grill for you. All of these are the perfect combination if you are the entertainer of the group! No worries though if you aren’t, we are not here to judge. The basic BBQ grill we can show you is the standard UFO shaped grill. The one that many of us started out with and either have grown to love or out grew it. The Saffire grill is that grill. It has been updated to keep up with the times.

Mike and Norm who are the founders of The Ourdoor Kitchen Factory what you to walk out of our showroom feeling not only satisfied with your experience but walk out feeling like part of the family. We do not view any potential buyer as a number. We also will not push on making that sale. Comfortability is always something we aim for and we will educate you on what to look for based off the description of your “perfect grill”.

We are always looking to help those who come to us save money somehow, which is why we have great specials. Not to mention our 0% financing, and our money back guarantee. If you are interested please feel free to view our website. and take a look around. We are offering virtual tours of our Showroom, you can call us to set up an appointment for a viewing or you can email us as well and we will get back to you. Just follow the instructions on the website for a direct link to our email. Our number again is 631-88-GRILL that’s 631-884-7455.