BBQ Grills Glen Cove

With spring coming up quickly, we are probably preparing for the warm days with the opportunity to barbeque. Why not kick off this spring with a new BBQ grill? The Outdoor Kitchen Factory that is now open in Bellmore NY has all sorts of BBQ grills Glen Cove.

The Outdoor Kitchen Factory is your one-stop showroom to show you what you have been missing out on prior to stopping here. We have set up our floor with realistic expectations for your backyard needs.

Our fine choices of BBQ Grills Glen Cove include the following Louisiana Grills, Summerset, Pit Boss, and Saffire. If you would like to see some examples of what we have in stock visit our website at Also, make sure to check out our spectacular deals for your new BBQ grill. 

The grill is not complete if you do not have all the beneficiary components for it. The components can be basic to astounding. We have in stock for you grill utensils, grill covers to keep the grill protected during harsh weather. If you are in need of more space to be that Master Griller you have always wanted to be The Outdoor Kitchen Factory can assist you with building counter space around your new grill.

Or if you want to make your new grill one of a kind you will have the capability to customize your grill space. We have all sorts of different ideas laying around that we will be bound to find the perfect design for your grill.  Call now to speak with our professional staff to discuss your options. 631-88-GRILL. That’s 631-884-7455. Or you can simply visit our website at to view our photo gallery. 

Barbeque Grills in Glen Cove

Have you thought about the pros to owning a BBQ grill? The main one is the capability of BBQing all year. It’s true. With one of our grills, you can have a backyard barbeque in the winter. With our state-of-the-art grills and appliances, you will be able to host unique family gatherings by serving food from the grill. Under the recommendations, be sure to take into consideration the safety and wellness of you and those around you while you prepare your meal.

Another pro is that you will certainly be the talk of the town for your hosting abilities. Thrill your friends and family with a home-cooked meal right off the grill. The heat from the coals and the grill will help create a caramelized top layer to the food and it tastes delicious.

We at The Outdoor Kitchen Factory are taking the Pandemic as seriously as it should be. We want to protect all of our staff members and all our potential buyers. That being said, we have opened our Showroom with the option of a virtual tour OR a private one-on-one tour. If either of those is something you would rather experience than an actual walk-through, please do not hesitate. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment. Our hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10 AM-6PM and we are closed on Sundays.