BBQ Grills Massapequa

The summer has quickly come to an end. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that family barbeques need to as well. Here at The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located in Bohemia we have vast selections of up to date BBQ Grills Massapequa.

Norm and Mike, the founders of The Outdoor Kitchen Factory have made it their mission to educate customers on what they are buying and how to properly take care of their newest addition to their backyard. It is the goal to make customers feel important and not just another number. All of our employees have that mind set as well. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease when you buy one of our BBQ Grills Massapequa. Are deals are always changing but we always have deals. Times have been difficult for every body so we take that into a strong consideration. We offer a 0% financing as well. Make sure you ask about it when you call us!

Have you ever thought about a BBQ Grill with a smoker attached to it? If you love to cook this is ideal for you. The smoker comes equip with 6 adjustable rows to allow for the proper sizing for your foods. Now obviously you need space for your cooking tools as well. The grills we offer come with stations designed specifically for your tools. Also counter space for your plates to set your ready food on. We carry your standard style grill all the way to the advanced grills. The advanced style grills may seem intimidating and you may question why on Earth would any one ever need such a grill but come down to our showroom and we will have you leaving in awe and also the answer to that question. Take a look at our website in our gallery area to view just a few samples of what is in our showroom located in Bohemia. The website is and once you are there click on “kitchen components” This will give you area with a few different categories for your viewing. Click on Barbeques and Grills and our selections will come up as a slide show.

You will probably also have questions as well and since you are already on our webpage click on the FAQ area to see if any of your questions are already listed or if any of the listed questions are similar to your own. But please do not hesitate to call us as well and as. We want to help you; we encourage you to ask questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is just a phone call away. Our phone number is simple to remember 631-88-GRILL. That’s 631-884-7455. Once your questions have been answered and you are satisfied please come down to our showroom to take a tour. Our hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10AM -6PM. If you need a different time frame we will be able to schedule you an appointment during the time frame that works with you as well. Or you may take a virtual tour with us. Just call and ask!