BBQ Grills Valley Stream

This summer was a gorgeous summer, the weather mainly was great for family gatherings (safely following the 6 feet apart guidelines of course). We bet you used your BBQ Grill just about every weekend. Maybe too many times? Well with the change of the seasons and the possible overuse it may be time to upgrade that over worked grill to one of our BBQ Grills Valley Stream at Outdoor Kitchen Factory located in Bohemia. View our showroom to get a glimpse of what your backyard can potentially look like especially if you are known to be the griller of the family. Blow every guest away next summer with your reveal of a brand new professional grill.

Outdoor Kitchen Factory is open for your convenience 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. Our hours of operation for our show room are 10AM to 6PM. However, if those time frames do not work for you, we will be happy to set up an appointment that fits your schedule. You are more than welcome to walk the showroom following the new protocol of social distancing for the safety of other customers and staff. We are taking every step and precaution to make our showroom safe for you to enjoy a hands on experience. We do also offer a virtual tour as well which will allow you to walk through our amazing showroom from the comfort of your own home to view our BBQ Grills Valley Stream.

Mike and Norm, the founders of Outdoor Kitchen Factory have made it their mission along with the mission of the knowledgeable staff to handle every potential customer individually to assure a comfortable atmosphere and grow a proper rapport for further guidance with the purchase of our grills. We do not want you to walk out of our Showroom feeling as if we are just around to get another sale. You are more than a number to us. We want you to feel welcome and satisfied with your new grill. We have all taken some sort of hit from the recent Pandemic and since we understand this, we are offering great deals and 0% financing. Since money as we all are aware is still tight, we are more than willing and able to work with you during this time. We also offer a money back guarantee should you require a return.

If you prefer a grill that is standard, we have that as well. There is no shame in having a basic BBQ grill if you are not into that sort of thing. Saffire grills are the brand to go. These grills are the basic red round grills that you would see back in the day but now they are just up to date with that vintage look. We carry them in red and black just like what everybody remembers. They also come with handles on the sides for easy placement. If you are looking for one that will allow you to have all your basic needs right at your fingertips, they come with attachments for that!

We have such a wide selection at Outdoor Kitchen factory. Come on down and peek at what could be yours. Or call and set up a virtual tour, our website is and our phone number is 631-88-GRILL that’s 631-884-4755.