The C2 replicates the touch and pressure of an actual massage therapist. The kneading massage, tapping massage, pummeling massage, shiatsu massage, wavelet massage, point/partial/whole massage movements featured in the chair work at multiple levels to increase blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness, and increase the movement of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles and organs.

Six-Roller Mechanism with 6 massage types

Our 6-roller mechanism moves up and down at neck, shoulder, back and waist, the exquisite and varied massage methods with kneading, tapping, shiatsu, combined and etc. will give you humanistic massage enjoyment.

Waist, Calf and foot massage

After a long day at work or a good work-out, nothing is better than receiving a lower body massage to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue. The C2 allows you to choose from 3 different levels of intensity to find the right pressure for you. It even includes stretch massage, which gently stretches your legs to increase flexibility.

Footrest Pushes Out!

While many chairs in the market are not suitable for taller users, The C2 footrest completely pushes out, enabling you to fully layout your legs and get comfortable. The footrest extension enables those who are above 5 feet 10 inches to fully enjoy their massage without cramping their legs.

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