Custom Outdoor Kitchens Glen Cove

At The Outdoor Kitchen Factory, our business is all about honesty, integrity, and building beautiful additions for your yard that you can enjoy with all of your family and friends! Get the most out of every day by looking into our custom outdoor kitchens Glen Cove. We’re not interested in just making a sale. We’re more enthused about educating you in your upcoming purchase, helping you choose the most preferred amenities, and making sure that whatever decision you make is the most beneficial to you and your loved ones’ happiness.

When you purchase a custom outdoor kitchen from us, you’ll quickly see the benefits of having an expertly crafted outdoor kitchen for all of your entertaining on those hot summer days. With places to dine and relax while you whip up a culinary delicacy for your guests, you get to enjoy the most of your relationships and connections, not spending the day inside preparing food.

Most people have a grill that just sits outside in the elements. Don’t let your grill sit out and rust in the rain! We want to help you keep your outdoor kitchen brilliant for years to come, and we have the knowledge and tools to make that happen! 

Along with our aesthetically pleasing and practically designed outdoor kitchens, we also offer other exciting additions to your yard. Fireside pergolas to wind down at the end of your evenings, exquisite fire tables to warm up on those cooler nights and roast marshmallows for s’mores! The possibilities are endless when it comes to our custom outdoor kitchens Glen Cove.

Do you want your yard to be the focal point of your residence when you entertain? So do we. Creating a backyard sanctuary for your guests to feel stress-free and at ease is so simple at The Outdoor Kitchen Factory, since we have everything you’d want to choose from, all in one place. Not to mention, you can leave all of the installation to us and count on us to inform you about every step that is taken.

We know being cooped up in the house these last few months has to be mentally taxing, and that’s why we want to help you make the most of your time. The Outdoor Kitchen Factory is a sister company of The Hot Tub Factory where we also provide top-of-the-line jacuzzi hot tubs with little to no maintenance involved. Create your backyard oasis today!

For more information on our different yard additions that can really spruce up your outdoor dining experience, visit our informative and ease-to-use website!

We create and assemble pergolas, fire pits and fire tables, cabinets, marble countertops and bar seating areas, stovetops, outdoor sinks, shelf mounts, refrigerators, drawer storage, and more! The Outdoor Kitchen Factory has all of the amenities and additions you need to design gorgeous custom outdoor kitchens Glen Cove. 

Contact us today for a free consultation! We will walk you through the process of choosing the best models for your backyard project. 631-88-GRILL Also, be sure to take advantage of our $1000 coupon towards your first outdoor kitchen purchase, listed on our homepage!