Custom Outdoor Kitchens Hempstead

Are you bored of just having a grill that’s been rusting out in the rain, season after season? A full outdoor kitchen truly enhances your outdoor entertainment experience. No matter the weather, have friends and family join you for cookouts and meals, making the most of your time together in the great outdoors.

At The Outdoor Kitchen Factory, our passion is to create beautiful spaces for our customers to get the most out of life every day in an inviting atmosphere. If you’re unsure about custom outdoor kitchens Hempstead and want to learn more about our different options and amenities, continue reading!

What type of maintenance is needed for an outdoor kitchen?

Maintenance is very minimal with an outdoor kitchen! Light housekeeping is of course essential with any of your possessions, and the countertop should be sealed once a year to ensure stability through the changing seasons.

Can you feature a built-in grill?

Yes, we can use an existing grill of your own or you can purchase a new one with us! We install charcoal and gas grills.

What other appliances can you install?

Ask us about the kitchen appliances and accessories we install during your consultation! Many of our customer favorites are mini-fridges, stovetops, sinks, and even paper towel holders/dispensers.

What are my backsplash options?

A backsplash of your choosing can be incorporated into any custom outdoor kitchen design, but it also doesn’t have to be included either. We offer a wide variety of natural stones and tiles for you to choose from when designing your kitchen!

What materials can you use to make my outdoor kitchen?

It’s up to you! We build walls out of wood, natural stones, brick, or concrete. Stainless steel storage drawers or polymer board, also known as high-density Polyethylene cabinets can also be included in your design. Both are durable materials and wonderful for the outdoors.

Will my outdoor kitchen withstand the elements?

We recommend that cooking appliances be covered during very long periods of non-use, as well as in the colder seasons. We can however ensure that your countertop is sealed and will not be damaged by wind, rain, snow, or even hail. 

What can be done for ventilation?

Ventilation is a huge priority to us, in keeping your family safe. We will strategically place your vents in such a way that allows gas to escape in an efficient and practical way. As propane is a heavier, more odorous gas, we will make sure to install the vents as low as possible. If you’re using natural gas which rises, we install each vent as high as we can.

Can I have a sound system built into custom outdoor kitchens Hempstead?

Yes! Not to mention, we can include that in your design. How nice would it be to set the ambiance and jam to your favorites tunes while you cook for your guests?

What shape can my outdoor kitchen be?

Homeowners can choose from U-Shaped, L-Shaped, or even a Galley Kitchen. Depending on the size of your yard, we can build it in any shape you desire! But U and L shaped are our most commonly purchased choices.

Now that you have the low-down on your custom outdoor kitchens Hempstead options, head to our website to inquire about a free consultation! We can even provide one virtually, right now.

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