Fire Pit Tables Mineola

Fire pit tables Mineola are not only perfect for the summer nights, but they are perfect for every season. Yes fall, winter and spring. The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave in Bohemia and 609 Sunrise HWY in Bellmore have the highest quality designs for your fire pit table.

Come join us at our showroom so you can take a look at our selections. You will be left in amazement at the designs. Each form of the Fire Pit Tables Mineola have their own perks and benefits to them. During the summer you, your family and friends can sit around the fire and just talk under the night sky gazing at the stars while the little ones roast some marshmallows. Or do a full blown camp out with roasting the hotdogs on the sticks.

If you aren’t interested in that then just imagine on a cool spring or fall morning where you can sit outside in your backyard with the fire pit going curled up with your morning coffee or tea, and lounge around with a nice book. During the winter time if you find yourself without a fire place in your home, the fire pit tables become an excellent substitute to stay warm during the day.

The Best Customer Service for Fire Pit Tables in Mineola

Curiosity usually gets the better of a person once they understand the benefits on a life long purchase. Be sure to read out customer reviews and testimonials so that you do not have to worry about whether or not we are swindling you (because we are not). Our mission is to provide the customer with the best experience we possibly can, regardless of a purchase. The staff at The Outdoor Kitchen Factory are all professional and educated in the department. Who wants to go to a store only to be told you the associate is not sure about an answer? We surely do not.

For fire pit tables Mineola, you will have a few different choices. We carry long rectangular shaped or round shaped tables. The best one for you will depend on your vision. You can view a few photos of our tables by clicking on “Fire pits and Fire tables”. Also you will be able to learn more about the perks and benefits of owning a fire put table. Call now to set up an at home consultation with one of our team members to go over your plans. Or if you are more comfortable with a virtual consultation we will be more than happy to schedule that with you as well. The phone number for The Outdoor Kitchen Factory is 631-88-GRILL, that’s 631-884-7455.

When you do talk to someone do not hesitate on asking about our amazing and great deals and offers. They change often so be sure to view them on the website as well simply by clicking on “Check out this great deal” at the top of the page or “redeem offer” at the bottom of the page. We look forward to helping you make your backyard vision come true!

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