Cut from aluminum using state-of-the-art water jet technology, Warming Trends plates and pans provide drainage vents and additional protection for electronic ignition systems.

Plates and Pans

Circular Aluminum Pan

All with Welded 2” Sidewalls
Custom Sizes Available
18” Circular Aluminum Pan
24” Circular Aluminum Pan
30” Circular Aluminum Pan
36” Circular Aluminum Pan
42” Circular Aluminum Pan
48” Circular Aluminum Pan
12″-17″ Circular Aluminum Pan
19″-23″ Circular Aluminum Pan
25″-29″ Circular Aluminum Pan
31″-35″ Circular Aluminum Pan
37″-41″ Circular Aluminum Pan
43″-47″ Circular Aluminum Pan


Square Aluminum Pan

All with Welded 2” Sidewalls
Custom Sizes Available
18” Square Aluminum Pan
24” Square Aluminum Pan
30” Square Aluminum Pan
36” Square Aluminum Pan
42” Square Aluminum Pan
48” Square Aluminum Pan
12″-17″ Square Aluminum Pan
19″-23″ Square Aluminum Pan
25″-29″ Square Aluminum Pan
31″-35″ Square Aluminum Pan
37″-41″ Square Aluminum Pan
43″-47″ Square Aluminum Pan


Circular Aluminum Plate

Custom Sizes Available
18” Circular Aluminum Plate
24” Circular Aluminum Plate
30” Circular Aluminum Plate
36” Circular Aluminum Plate
42” Circular Aluminum Plate
48” Circular Aluminum Plate
12″-17″ Circular Aluminum Plate
19″-23″ Circular Aluminum Plate
25″-29″ Circular Aluminum Plate
31″-35″ Circular Aluminum Plate
37″-41″ Circular Aluminum Plate
43″-47″ Circular Aluminum Plate


Square Aluminum Plate

Custom Sizes Available
18” Square Aluminum Plate
24” Square Aluminum Plate
30” Square Aluminum Plate
36” Square Aluminum Plate
42” Square Aluminum Plate
48” Square Aluminum Plate
12″-17″ Square Aluminum Plate
19″-23″ Square Aluminum Plate
25″-29″ Square Aluminum Plate
31″-35″ Square Aluminum Plate
37″-41″ Square Aluminum Plate
43″-47″ Square Aluminum Plate

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