Outdoor Kitchen FAQs

What are the advantages of an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen enhances your outdoor entertainment experience. It is great for any occasion or gathering. It can be used year round with your family and friends joining in for cookouts & other gatherings.

What outdoor appliances can you install?

We can install grills, griddles, refrigerators, ice makers, stove-tops, wine chillers, kegerators, and anything else you can imagine!

What type of maintenance is needed for an outdoor kitchen?

We will make this simple for you- NONE!

How can I make my outdoor kitchen look incredible?

We can finish your kitchen with a variety of options. Long board, metal finish, stack stone, or wall stone. For your countertop, we can do deckton, granite, or caesarstone!

Will my outdoor kitchen withstand the elements?

Our kitchens are designed to last a lifetime! All of our stainless steel grills come with a lifetime guarantee.

Can I have a sound system built in the outdoor kitchen?

Yes, sound systems are easy to build in and we can include it in your design.

What shape can my outdoor kitchen be?

Depending on the size of your outdoor living area or backyard, we can build it in any shape! Homeowners can choose from U-Shaped, L-Shaped, or even a Galley Kitchen.

Does an outdoor kitchen increase the value of my home?

100%! Yes! Everyone wants and dreams of having an outdoor kitchen in their backyard oasis.

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