Outdoor Kitchen Montauk

Do you have a vision for the perfect Outdoor Kitchen Montauk but do not know how to get started? Give The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave in Bohemia a call! Our staff members are educated and knowledgeable in this area of backyard designs.

Our goal is to make sure your outdoor kitchen is everything you have ever wanted and then some. Our professional team members are eager to help with any questions or ideas you have regarding your dream Outdoor Kitchen Montauk.  To allow you to get a better feel of your choices we will set up a one on one private in-home appointment to discuss your options. What we would recommend for the day of the appointment is to have all of your ideas printed out and ready to be shown to our designer. Give us a call at 631-88-GRILL that’s 631-884-7455.

Once we get a better idea as to what it is you are looking for we will be able to specify the area to look at. If you have a preference on the shape of the Outdoor Kitchen Montauk we have the ability to create an L–Shaped, U–Shaped, or even a Galley Kitchen. The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located in Bohemia has you covered. You will not be disappointed with what we will show you.

Backyard Outdoor Kitchen in Montauk

Please feel free to visit our website at www.outdoorkitchenfactory.com to view our outdoor kitchen gallery. This way you can get even more ideas for what you are looking for or may desire. You will truly be amazed at the final reveal for your perfect outdoor kitchen.

Now, you can not have an outdoor kitchen without the proper accessories. The Outdoor Kitchen Factory carries an assortment of different grills, mini-fridges, shelf mounts, paper towel holders (as silly as that may seem, how often have you looked for something to clean off the grease residue on the spatula and didn’t have anything around?)  and more. We have it all! Visit our webpage at www.outdoorkitchenfactory.com and click on “Kitchen Components” a side box will appear and just click on “Appliances and Grill Components”. More information regarding what we carry will come up for you to view. If you do not see something you would want do not hesitate on giving us a call to find out if we can install it for you as well. 631-884-7455.

At The Outdoor Kitchen Factory in Bohemia, we strive and thrive on our great reputation. Our business has stayed functioning because of the great reviews we get. Don’t believe that a place like us could be amazing? Take a look at our testimonials on our website. www.outdoorkitchenfactory.com and click on “The Outdoor Factory Difference” and a side box will appear. Then click on “customer review” here you will be able to see all the feedback from our customers, whether they are new or old.  Also, since you are already on the website click around, make sure you take a look at our offers and deals.

Are you looking to add a Fire Pit Table to your Outdoor Kitchen?  Learn more about Fire Pit Tables in Freeport.