Outdoor Kitchens Garden City

Although this summer will go down in history as one of the most unprecedented summers known to man. We had some interesting weather go on, not to mention an awful Pandemic that is still going on. With all the bad that transpired there will always be good. This summer although we were forced to distance our selves from those who we love and care about it gave us all an opportunity to get some chores done around the house. Possibly purchasing new outdoor furniture to blend better with your new landscaping you want to proudly show off. But one thing is surely missing from all of this, an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor Kitchens Garden City have been incredibly popular.

The Outdoor Kitchen Factory located in Bohemia has numerous selections of the outdoor kitchen to finish off your outdoor living space. We offer great deals that will leave you with money in your pocket. With 0% financing and our money back guarantee you will not walk out of the Showroom disappointed. With all the hope one can have the world will be open by next summer, so why no celebrate the reopening of family gatherings with a new outdoor kitchen!

There are two different types of Outdoor Kitchens Garden City that are top sellers. The U Shaped Kitchen and the L Shaped Kitchen. One of the benefits for owning the U Shaped Kitchen besides bragging rights is that you do not have to be a solo griller. Get your Sous Chef in toe and start the cooking! There is enough space with the U Shaped Kitchen for multiple people to prep and cook. There is also more bench space for an audience to watch you grill and eat as well. It also keeps the cooking intimate. Your guests do not have to wait around and talk without you. Which means you will be part of the party instead of concerning yourself with being left out. The L Shaped Kitchen we also found to be one of the most popular choices is beneficial because this allows for more space for kitchen accessories that will help you cook your meals. The kitchen table can be placed conveniently. It will fit in the corner and allow for more walking space in and out of the home.

Make sure to take a glance at our website for real life customer testimonials. At www.outdoorkitchenfactory.com. While you are on the site look around and make sure you look at our gallery of our breath-taking selections of Outdoor Kitchens Garden City. Our showroom is open as well. Monday – Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM for your convenience. If for some reason you have an issue with time frame, please call us to set up an appointment. 631-88-GRILL. That number is 631-884-7455. Since you are on the website, we have it set up for you to contact us via email should you choose that round instead. No worries we will accommodate you to help you. If you do not feel comfortable with a physical walk through, then by all means ask about our virtual tours. We will schedule you for a virtual tour of the showroom floor at your leisure.